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  • 1) Definitions of law
    1.The complete contract of the document or documents that set out the conditions and all other details relevant to a particular transaction and is here after referred to as the contract.
    2.The goods sold by the seller to the buyer that shall here after be referred to as the goods.
    3.The parties to the contract are the seller of the goods and buyer as described in the contract.
    4.The person from company, cooperation or public authority responsible for the delivery of the goods to the delivery addresses, including the seller when the seller delivers shall hereinafter be referred to as the carrier.
    5.The person from company,cooperation or public authority to whom the goods are delivered when it is not the buyer hereinafter known as the recipient. 6. These conditions have effect in substitution in for and to the exclusion of any condition put forward by the buyer. 7. The contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Spain.
  • 2) Risk and tittle to goods
    1. The risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer immediately on delivery to the buyer or the recipient. 2. The ownership of the goods shall remain with the seller and the seller reserves the right to dispose of the goods untli all goods which have been supplied at any one time by the seller to the buyer have been paid for in full. Until such time as fore said the buyer shall hold the goods as bailee and fiduciary for the seller and shall be under an obligation to return the goods on demand.
  • 3) Receipt
    1.The buyer or recipient on behalf of the buyer shall receive and unload the goods and shall check the same for quantity and condition in the presence of the carrier.If there is a shortage or if the goods are in an unsatisfactory condition the buyers or recipient must so endorse the carriers delivery documents and must give separate written notice there of the seller within three days of delivery. If this condition is not observed no claim in respect of shortage or of unsatisfactory condition of the goos will be entertained. This condition docs not affect the statotury rights of the buyer.
  • 4) Payments
    1. All prices are Ex-work 2. All prices are in Euros. 3. Payments terms are cheque to carry on receipt of goods or deferred payments terms agreed. 4. Payment can be made in Spanish Pesetas or Euros by cheque or by bank transfer.
  • 5) When the contract comes into being
    The contract shall come into being between the buyer and seller when the buyer has placed an order, detailing his requirements and agreeing to be bound by these conditions and the seller has accepted the order.
  • 6) Rights reserved
    Any failure by the seller to enforce any or all these conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any Of the seller’s rights hereunder.
  • 7) Separate term validity
    Should any term in this contract be held invalid such invalidation should not affect the validity of the Remaining terms. Headings in these conditions are for reference purpose only and shall not effect the Interpretation of these conditons
Molduras Enrique López, S.A.

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